Intro to freelancing and finances workbook & budget tool

In this workbook, we have compiled a checklist for getting started as a freelancer, our tips for starting your finance journey, and our budgeting tool to keep track of your freelance earnings.


How to register as a freelancer in Germany.


My favorite tools for business and where to find clients.

Free Budget Tool

Track your income and business expenses in one easy sheet

Free Workbook: Goal Setting for 2022

With this workbook we’ll guide you through the process of goal setting, from visualizing your dreams, to making them reality. We’ll help you define what you want to accomplish in 2022, and then help you make this achievable through smaller steps and milestones, to ensure motivation stays throughout the year 

How to set goals?

How do you define a goal to make it achievable?


What they are and why you need to set this type of goal.


Learn how to keep yourself accountable.