About BizBabes

Hi, I’m Vibeke and I’m the founder of BizBabes.

My goal is to make this a motivational space for women dabbling in freelance or sidehustling in Germany. You can find a number of posts  I hope to highlight other women and female-owned business, so please reach out if you want to be featured or if you have any topics you’d like me to cover!

I started BizBabes because I was frustrated by the lack of information available for internationals starting a business in Germany.

About Me

I am Danish-American and have lived in both places before moving to Hamburg to study my master’s degree. Since finishing my degree a couple of years ago, I worked for a few other companies before starting my freelance business. While I have completely fallen in love with Hamburg, I do still feel that there is something missing, something that I am hoping to fill with this blog.

My Entrepreneurial Journey (so far)

Entrepreneurship was always an interest of mine, but I didn’t think I had the skills to start something on my own. This all changed at the beginning of 2020 when I lost my job right before the pandemic.  Long story short- I started an online marketing business! I’ve learnt SO much in the past year, and I really want to share my experiences with others to provide some insights into what working for yourself is really like. Additionally, as an expat in Germany, I found it really difficult to figure out exactly what to do (German bureaucracy, am I right?) so hopefully I can help you with that as well!


lessons learned in 2022

Three things I learned in 2022

2022 was a year of growing pains for a number of reasons. In this post, I share my biggest lessons in hopes that it will help you if you have struggled as well.

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